About us

Trading Company BROPOL-HTP Co. Ltd was established in 1988. From the beginnings of our business activities, we have specialized in international trade, including exports of Polish steel products as well as import supplies for the domestic industry. We have also developed transit trade transactions, delivering products purchased abroad to our customers in other countries. Apart from that, we are also engaged in domestic distribution of certain products. In addition, we render professional trade consultancy services.

The major field of the company’s operations is steel and non-ferrous metals industry. Throughout the years, we have established cooperation with a number of well-regarded and ISO-certified manufacturers in Poland and abroad, delivering their products to our clients located worldwide. Currently, our main sales markets include the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Far East countries, as well as Poland. We focus on full transport unit supplies via road, shipping container or multimodal transport; however, we can also deliver smaller consignments.

Our products are delivered to distributors and manufacturers, who supply final goods and components  primarily to the following sectors:

  • Mining industry, including oil and gas extraction
  • Energy sector
  • Tools and dies industry
  • Machines and equipment manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Automotive sector
  • Construction sector
  • Steel fabrications


The company’s offer includes:

  • Shape forgings
  • Forged and rolled bars
  • Die forgings
  • Aluminium products
  • Welding consumables

For more details, please refer to Products.