Die Forgings

Our company has cooperated with the best-regarded close die forgings manufacturers in Poland. Our sales activities primarily focus on the automotive industry; however, we also aim at satisfying the demands and requirements of other sectors, such as mining, drilling and machines production.

We primarily offer die forgings of carbon and low-alloy steels; we can also supply higher qualities, including stainless steels and aluminium alloys.

We offer a wide range of die forgings, as described below:

  • The products are forged on close die forging presses, hammers, and upsetting machines. Their unit weight may vary from 0.20 to 30.0 kg (exceptionally, we can also offer drop forgings up to 300 kg unit weight).
  • Having been forged, the die forgings may be flash trimmed, punched, bended, sized, and shot-blasted.
  • In order to obtain the required mechanical properties, the forgings undergo relevant heat treatment.
  • The forgings may be supplied as  rough machined, or after full mechanical working (according to drawing provided by the client) on CNC lathe machines.
  • All close die forgings for the automotive industry undergo full quality inspection, including magnetic crack detection.

All the die forging shops that we cooperate with have obtained globally accepted quality approval certifications, such as ISO 9002, QS 9000, EN ISO 14001, and ISO / TS 16949.

For further information, please contact Sławomir Dutkiewicz at – slawomir.dutkiewicz@bropol-htp.pl