Welding Consumables

Our cooperation with domestic customers in the field of welding consumables supplies dates back to the beginnings of our activity. The experience gained throughout the years allows us to manage various welding problems encountered by our clients, by means of proposing them proper technologies together with adequate welding materials. We offer a wide range of electrodes, wires and powders, for welding, up-welding and regenerations, of leading world manufacturers, including:

  • Solid wires: for GMAW welding of low- carbon and low-and high-alloy steel, for rebuilding, for GTAW welding of low- and high-alloy steel, for hidden arc welding, for gas welding of carbon and low-alloy steel, for welding of aluminium, copper and their alloys, nickel wires, and wires used in metal spraying.
  • Flux-cored wires: for welding and surfacing of steel in backing shielding, self-shielding, for surfacing in welding flux, for cast iron, for electroslag welding.
  • Covered electrodes: for low-alloy and unalloyed steel, for stainless, acid resistant and heat-resisting steel, for steel operating in high temperatures, for welding of cast iron, aluminium, copper, nickel and their alloys, for surfacing, cutting and gouging of steel.
  • Metal bars, electrodes and powders: covered electrodes, stellite or stellitelike bars, wires and powders, bars, wires and powders for plasma-arc surfacing, bars with wolfram carbide.

If you use welding consumables, you would certainly be also interested in professional welding chemicals – separating agents, nozzle lubricants, corrosion protection agents and welding seams cleaning systems. Please have a look at the products offered by our partner, Bio-Chem Co. Ltd.  www.bio-chem.pl.

For further information, please contact Agnieszka Buchacz-Gawełczyk at agnieszka.gawelczyk@bropol-htp.pl.